Our own and customer cars

  • Andrews Marina Rolls Royce Special.

    A beautiful car with an interesting and somewhat chequered history. It now belongs to my nephew, Simon Ashworth, and we are trying hard within the confines of the original specification to make the car work. It lacks in period mods because of the fuss it caused with Rolls Royce at the time, but the suspension is basically Cooper F1, and so quite good, it has a very good Hewland LG500 and we are working on the engine with Tim Adams to obtain 'sufficient' BHP. It is getting better all the time, so watch this space.

  • TVR Grantura MK111 1800s

    This belongs to my cousin Mark Ashworth. I built it from scratch for him about seven years ago, and he has campaigned it in various series and championships with a great deal of success. It is powered by an MGB engine in 1840cc and 1950cc forms, both with crossflow HRG/Derrington derived heads. A very quick car which 'punches well above its weight'.

  • ISO Rivolta

    A simply fabulous Italian Supercar. The very best of 1960's Italy combined with the endless torque and brute power of a small block Chevy. Not particularly subtle, but just great fun to drive. I sold the car to Alan Collett, who has put a lot of effort into making it even quicker, and it is now resplendent in a bright yellow livery.

  • BMW Isetta 300

    Told you I am into 'bubble' cars. [Or if you're more PC, which I am not, Micro Cars.] This is actually one of my most recent road car restorations, it went well, and was a lot of fun, but sadly found a new home through the kind offices of those good men at H&H Auctions.

  • Bentley MKIV Special.

    I absolutely adored this car, the favourite of all I have owned and driven, [and that's a lot]. I have owned it three times, and when I last got it back I spent a great deal of time and money on obtaining and fitting a wire wheel conversion kit to fairly original spec. I even drove it down to 'Stan the Mann's' place, and he was reasonably complementary about it, for a replica. It looked the part, it was quick, and handled quite well, but best of all it really sounded like a 5 litre straight six!

  • Bentley T1

    An excellent luxury car and one of my first in recent times to run on LPG, quite economical, [for a 7 litre V8]. Handling was a bit wallowy but you can't have everything.

  • Bentley Turbo R

    What a motor car! Everything that the T1 wasn't. If you put your foot down at 100mph it hits you in the back and zips off the clock. [140+] On private land of course your Honor! In every way spectacular and very reasonably priced these days.

  • Messerschmitt KR200 Cabrio Limousine

    Yes that really is its title, I have never seen anything less like a limo! I have a real passion for these crazy cars. This is just the latest in a long line of 'Scmitts' I have owned and the first ever convertible, which are much more pleasant to drive than the 'green house' effect dome tops. They really are good fun, quite quick [70+ mph if your brave] and handle very well, nippy in traffic, and if you think people look at you in a Bentley !! If you have one for sale in any condition I'm interested, even if it is a 'basket' case. This one is the first basket case I have ever seen which was actually in a basket when I went to collect it, it was in a big wire basket on wheels and it took me nine years to rebuild,

  • MG ZR 190

    This is the modern car that crept in under the radar! Just imagine having a car that drives the front wheels !! surely they are for steering. This belongs to Sean Peters, a very good friend and customer. He bought the car four years ago ,I gave it a thorough overhaul and have run it for him for the last three years. He has campaigned it very successfully in the MG car club 'Trophy' championship, with a best result of second having finished every single race for three years !

  • MGB Full Race car.

    This is pretty close to the ultimate in 4 cylinder MGB's. In my hands and various others it has won over 50 races, and is now being run by Dennis and Adam Ashmore. We campaigned it in the Cockshoot and BCV8 championships, and then ran it for various customers who also won in it. The engine is an all steel full race 1950 with our own cam and many 'tweeks', the rear suspension is quite different, and it can be run with a hardtop, or aeroscreen, a very quick and drivable car.

  • 'Standard' Class MGB race Car.

    This is a 'dry state' America import which was first raced over here by Mike Peters, then by my brother Bill, then we ran it for John Cartwright and Jake Slack, and recently sold it yet again. It was a very drivable and competitive car in which I think each owner had at least one win. This is just about the cheapest way to go racing, and great fun.

  • Lenham Healey Modsports 'Spridget'

    This was a famous and dominating car in the 70s and 80s, built and driven by Andy Cummins. He repeatedly won many modsports championships, thrashing Elans and the like in the process, until he reached a point that they could keep with him so he then built a number of Elans and carried on thrashing them! I got the car in 'component' form and put it together over about five years, [that's the trouble with having customers cars that take priority!] but I then didn't have time to race it so sold it on, when I last saw it Dermot Healey was testing it at Mallory.