The restoration and race preparation aspect of the business have always been inter dependant. I started restoring cars with a Messerschmitt three wheeler in 1966, as at the age of 16 my mother wouldn't let me have a motor bike [very sensibly] and I was desperate for motorised transport. My passion for all the very daft and obscure three wheelers and 'bubble ' cars has never really diminished, and I am always interested in buying them in any condition! From there I moved onto Morris Minors, as they were capable of towing my kart, [just about]. The kart was a Villiers Blow Victor 3, which I campaigned with limited success under the guidance of the then world champion Graham Liddle. As ever it got to expensive, and I carried on restoring various cars for my own use, including MGA, Morgan, convertible Morris Minor, etc.

After the foray into professional racing I set up my own garage in central Manchester, and from the start we restored many makes specialising in Morgan, TVR, and Lotus, before moving into MG. It was the move into MG that got me back into the race prep, starting with an MGB for my cousin Mark Ashworth, and then a matching car for myself. We had great success from the start, winning the BCV8 and BARC MGOC championships many times. Our successful race preparation includes most varieties of modern MG, A, B, C and V8, all stages of Midget / Healey Sprite and of course the infamous 1300 saloon, Ethel ! Our standard class MGC and Ethel were both so good that they eventually got the rules of various championships changed, so as to make them ineligible !! You see you can win them all ! but people don't like it.

I have now been building race cars for 40 years. Some of the more recent ones include, the Andrews Marina Rolls Royce Special for Simon Ashworth, TVR Grantura MK111 for his dad Mark Ashworth, Iso Rivolta for myself, MG midget 1500 for Mike Peters, MGZR for his son Sean, [I don't know how something that modern and front wheel drive got in under the radar!!] Mark's MGB, MG 1100 FIA saloon for Mark Griffiths and now for Greg Thornton, along with his Surtees TS11 F5000 car. Current projects include completion of another TVR Grantura MK111 for myself, the full rebuild of a TR5 road car for a customer, and I have just finished an Isetta and a Messerschmitt KR200.